Count-Down Timer

Count-Down Timer is a simple application for displaying the time-remaining for an event, such as for:
  • cooking,
  • chess playing tournaments,
  • debate speech timing,
  • governing floor-time at public speaking events,
  • paper presentations,
  • etc.
The numbers appear large enough to be seen at a distance, or the display can be shrunk into the corner of a presentation screen. The time-remaining display changes color, as a warning, near end of the duration.

The display also shows elapsed time, and has a pause/resume button. This timer application is a simple stand-alone executable that can be placed on any computer, and does not require an internet connection to use it.

It can be used to count-down time for events lasting less than one minute, or for durations lasting hours, days, or up to a year.



Fairly self explanatory:
  1. Set the duration. Click OK.
  2. Press Start when ready to begin count-down.

You can type the duration in straight minutes, or in Minutes:Seconds, or Hours:Minutes:Seconds, or Days:Hours:Minutes:Seconds.


The package contains all source-code, as well as pre-compiled executables for Linux, MS-Windows, and Mac-OSx. The executables are under the corresponding directories:   bin_Linux,   bin_MsWin,   and   bin_MacOSx.
You can also re-compile with the compilation commands described in the Readme.txt file.

See also the Sourceforge project page.

For help, questions, comments, or suggestions, write: